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“Dr. Nick Helbich was referred to me back in 2011 as I was in search of a couple’s therapist. My significant other and I started seeing Dr. Helbich as a couple that year and worked with him for two years until we decided therapy was no longer necessary. At that point I continued to see Dr. Helbich for individual therapy which I continue to this day.


By working with Dr. H my boyfriend and I made significant progress in improving our relationship. From the beginning, Dr. Helbich created a warm, open and judgment-free environment where my significant other and I felt comfortable opening up and exploring the issues in our relationship. My boyfriend came into the sessions with no past therapy experience and had some nervousness and reservations about the process. From the very first session Dr. Helbich made him feel comfortable and welcomed, explaining the process and easing him into opening up over time. His wisdom, patience and kindness came through in every session and we always walked away feeling like we made progress and were in a better place. In our sessions, we focused on trying to understand the underlying problems behind our issues, and in many instances we were able to make the connection to behaviors or traumas that we learned or experienced as children (and over time), which stayed with us into adulthood. By making these connections and understanding the roots of these problems, we were able to develop the self-awareness required to come up with practical solutions to tackle the issues. Overall, we found couples therapy with Dr. Helbich a helpful and enlightening experience that really improved our relationship dynamic by allowing us to work through individual resentments and achieve fruitful compromise.


On a personal note, my individual work with Dr. Helbich through the years has had a tremendous positive impact on my personal development. In our sessions, we explored some of the traumatic and difficult experiences I experienced as a child throughout my life. From deep-rooted abandonment issues stemming from absentee parents to people pleasing tendencies for a want of acceptance and love, we explored a number of themes affecting romantic relationships as well as personal/workplace relationships. By exploring these themes openly, I was able to make connections I had not previously thought of which helped me develop a deep understanding of the effects of my past experiences on current situations. This has enabled me to change, adapt and let go/heal in order to successfully work through various issues and get to a happier/healthier place in life.”


– Luisa R. New York, NY

Reaching out for therapy can be a difficult process. I’m here to help you on that journey.

“Dr. Helbich offers professional service in a comfortable, homelike setting. Regardless of whether we’re having a routine session or delving into a serious, emotional issue, he listens closely and provides nonjudgmental and insightful guidance. I always leave his office feeling, lighter, more capable and much more optimistic. Highly recommend.”

– Shannon G.

“I was overwhelmed and needed help dealing with feelings and problems that seemed beyond my control. It can be at times significantly debilitating. For this reason I needed outside help from a trained and licensed professional in order to work through these problems. Dr. Nick helped me to change my feelings and attitudes and to develop healthier, more effective pattern of behavior. I could talk openly and confidentially about concerns and feelings. I now live a healthier and more productive life.”

– Rosalia A.

“Dr. Helbich is warm and kind. I immediately felt at ease. I have seen these other therapists who were either distant or judgmental. I highly recommend Dr. Helbich and continue seeing him.”

– Gordon P.

“Nick was extremely down-to-earth and created an environment that made me feel comforted. He has pushed me to confront life-long struggles and overcome them. His approach is unique and engaging. I look forward to our sessions as I always leave feeling better.”

– David B.

“I value Dr. Helbich very much and truly enjoy working with him. I am a skeptical curmudgeon but found myself impressed, and reassured, by Dr. Helbich. He listens with all of himself and actually hears you. He is engaged, warm and caring. Highly recommended.”

– Jeremy F.

“My weekly visits with Nick are awesome. He focuses on the false beliefs that I have about myself, that there is something “wrong” with me etc. There isn’t and I’m learning life skills and putting together goals that strengthen my self-image.”

– Andre L.

“Very helpful. Our sessions help me come to good conclusions about situations I am in and how I am approaching them. I am asked good questions about the situations. His experience with alternative relationships is helpful in particular.”

– Allison A.

“Dr. Nick was warm, compassionate, supportive and understanding. He helped me to hone in what was bothering me and to accept my feelings. I felt he really understood and cared about me.”

– Nicole U.

“Deeply envigorating. Dr. Nick has a warm and gentle way of communicating that also leads to self-discovery. Very practical with solutions. I look forward to each session since it is a time for me to grow and explore issues with authentic guidance.”

– Octavio M.

“Dr Nick is a wonderful therapist. He was recommended to me by a friend (who spoke highly of him for both individual and couples therapy), and I’ve now worked with him in couples therapy for the past three years. He is a kind, sensitive, and thoughtful man who has a gentle yet active/direct approach. He creates a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore feelings and challenging subjects, and his insight and support have helped me and my boyfriend cultivate deeper intimacy and develop tools and strategies to work through conflicts (in and out of the sessions). He’s been extremely helpful working through issues related to anxiety, work, money, and sex. He also has a great sense of humor, which I appreciate.

I’ve recommended Dr Nick to a few friends (for couples and individual therapy), and I’ve heard positive feedback from them about their experiences. Although finding a good therapist is a highly subjective process—not a “one good therapist suits all” situation—I highly recommend exploring working with Dr Nick.”

– Charles R.