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Couples Therapy

 It’s a fact of life that many relationships will get strained at some point in time. Often it is the result of changes in finances, health and the influence of other family members. Tensions and resentments can often flare over the littlest of things. Intimacy is put on hold and each partner loses the feeling of being close to one another.

My Couples Therapy offers a viable solution to get your relationship back on track by first creating an environment that is both safe and comfortable for each partner.

Working with couples for over 10 years, I’ve achieved success for so many by:

  • Holding space for both participants
  • Being impartial to and understanding both parties
  • Having an open discussion on all sexual matters (with both heterosexual and LGBTQ clients)
  • Focusing on effective guidance and solutions
  • Helping clients have fun together and create a deeply loving relationship
  • Providing effective techniques and coping strategies for their daily life
  • Supporting and restoring emotional and sexual connectedness


If your relationship has hit a rough patch, let’s work together to find ways to smooth things out so you can once again live your life as a loving and caring couple.

Reaching out for therapy can be a difficult process. I’m here to help you on that journey.

“Dr. Nick creates a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore feelings and challenging subjects, and his insight and support have helped me and my boyfriend cultivate deeper intimacy and develop tools and strategies to work through conflicts.”

– Charles R.